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This week my focus is on being mindful, and I hope you join me. So many times our thoughts, self talk, and actions set us on a path of negativity which co-incidentally attracts negativity into our lives. I don’t actually believe in co-incidences, I do however believe in energy and where we focus our energy is what we attract.

So for this week I am consciously not focusing on negative thoughts, on other people’s doubts or on criticisms as so often these things are what we hold onto. I find you can receive 1 million positive compliments and one person gives you a negative comment and it is this that you give your energy to. We rarely repeat the positive but I can guarantee you we repeat the negative and it is these limiting thoughts or comments that then sow the seed of doubt and this becomes where you start sending your energy to, so as a cycle we attract this or limit ourselves.

As part of this week of mindfulness I am observing the way my body reacts, the clenched jaw, the tightened tummy, the tense shoulders and I am sending them breath and relaxing thoughts. For 3 minutes every day I am sitting in a place of stillness and doing 3 minutes of mindfulness by Dr Pooja (


I am making a conscious choice to feed the positivity and starve the negativity by not giving it energy or attention. I am spending this week being kind to myself, sending myself positive self talk, and appreciating myself for what I am and where I am. I am choosing to be non judgemental and for people who in the past have irritated me I am sending them positive thoughts as I don’t know what is happening in their lives, and maybe they act how they do as they don’t know any different so I am sending them thoughts of kindness.

I am breaking the habit of being self critical, as our subconscious mind believes these thoughts and over a period of time this manifests as disharmony in our world and in our bodies as disease. So for this week and beyond my aim is to be mindful of myself, of how I speak to myself and others and of where I am sending my energy and I hope you join me. Like a seed that is watered and turns into a beautiful flower so too can your mind release it’s potential to do amazing things xx. (



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