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2017!!  Here we are!!  Oh my goodness what a year it’s going to be.  It’s like standing at the bottom of the mountain and thinking ‘how the hell am I going to conquer that’!  But like with everything it’s all about the baby steps and breaking those big audacious goals down into bite size pieces..

So what have you planned for 2017?  And how often is it that you set your goals at the beginning of the year to find in about a month’s time they are exactly where you left them on the piece of paper with nothing put into action?  Don’t beat yourself up about it cause I reckon there are thousands of us all in the same boat.  So what can we do this year that is different, that is actually going to help us to achieve some of these goals?

Well the first thing is to know in yourself what motivates you.  You can write goals till your blue in the face but until you work out what is going to make you put one foot in front of the other to give these ago, they will stay on the piece of paper.  My motivating factor to achieving anything especially relating to exercise is to have a destination that I have to get to.  I am hopeless at putting on the runners and running around the block, but if I have a destination nearby I set that as my challenge to run, cycle or walk to.  Always start little with something that is close to home then gradually extend that destination.

The other thing that often puts me off is listening to what other people say, you know the doubters, the ones that say ‘yeah that’s going to last 5 minutes’.  Don’t be put off by this, it’s your own goal not theirs so if you are motivated enough in yourself you will achieve.  Make a point of chatting to people that have perhaps already achieved or done what you have set as your goal.  Find out what their thing was that motivated them, maybe their are things they did that can help you achieve.

The big ol road blocks… Road blocks are always there whether it’s time constraints, financial constraints or physical constraints – don’t be put off by this.  Just drop whatever it is you are trying to achieve down a notch.  Don’t give up!!! That is key, keep going maybe at a slower pace, but it doesn’t matter, don’t lose sight of what that goal is.

Celebrate your achievement!  This is something I am not so good at as I am always thinking what’s next, but when this happens you never stop and actually celebrate what you have done so far.  Take the time to be proud of you!  It’s not about showing off, it’s about appreciating the fact that you set yourself a goal and you have been motivated enough to stick with it and achieve where you have got to.

Enjoy the journey!  The battles, the challenges, the people, the ‘what the F moments’ are all part of it!  If the destination was easy it wouldn’t be a journey or a challenge so push that internal belief system, change the wording of ‘ I can’t too I can’ and celebrate with the people that are coming into your life to help you achieve!

It’s up to you to take the first step as daunting as it seems, but by taking that step to achieving or working towards your goal you are setting the wheels in motion, a quote a dear friend gave to me ‘ a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.  And I truly believe that.  Your step towards your goal sets all sorts of wheels in motions so keep going, and don’t quit!  The lessons and learnings are what makes the achieving the goal so worthwhile!  My lesson is always patience!  So I ask you to be gentle on yourself, don’t compare yourself, and stick with what you are doing.  It doesn’t matter how others achieve their goal and if they achieve them before you.  It’s about you, and what motivates you, and you sticking with whatever your goal is that you want to achieve!

If you need support or guidance in achieving your health goals this year, let us know. Have a look at our health programmes.

Believe in you!  And here’s to a magical 2017!

Me xx

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