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There is so much info out there on food and what to eat and what not to eat and the various diets that it can be a very confusing minefield on what you should eat.

I want to keep things simple for you, because if you are anything like me, every now and then you like a dam good hamburger with chips!

Vegan, vegetarian, raw, palo, high fat low carb, gluten free, diary free and so on, for most these types of diets are lifestyle choices, people choose to follow this style of eating based on their own belief system.  Maybe they feel it’s healthier for them, maybe for some people there is benefit in counting calories, they have a concern for the welfare of animals and our planet or it simply has some benefit to their health and it makes them feel better.  This is great, and I love the freedom of choice that we have, but don’t feel like OMG you have to follow this, because this person says this, and that person says that, and I want to look like them or be like them.

My thoughts keep things simple for yourself!  If it’s green and a vegetable then yes of course it’s going to have health benefits and unless you live on another planet we all know the more vegetables and fruit you can get into your daily diet the better it is for you.

So what’s changed?  Well when I was a kid, everything in my lunchbox and at home was homemade.  I did not have the packets of chips, biscuits, muesli bars and instant sauce mixes etc that are so popular now.  My Mum knew exactly what went into the food because she made it.  Whereas nowadays we are so much more exposed to preservatives and additives like flavouring and colouring that all add to ‘food intolerances’ that people have.

My advice is keep it simple.  Keep your food as whole as possible and what I mean by this is foods that represent what they are, e.g.: fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry etc.  Where possible eat organic, if you can’t then wash your fruit and vegetables.  Treat yourself (if that’s what you call it) to a hamburger or chips every now and then and enjoy it!  Just avoid making this an everyday occurrence and apply the 80/20 rule.  80% you eat great with lots of fruit and vegetables going in and 20% of your time you indulge in that cake or hamburger or whatever it may be, but try to avoid having these every day.

For me I follow the Mediterranean diet philosophy, as I really believe in the health benefits of eating this way, and I love olives, seafood, fruit & veges.  I avoid instant sauces or packet mixes and use fresh herbs like ginger, garlic, parsley, basil & coriander to flavour my foods.  And this winter I have really gotten into a bowl of steamed veges with a dollop of melting butter.

So whatever your eating habit style is enjoy it for you, don’t force a way of eating because it’s trendy step back to the basics of fruit & veges going in everyday equals goodness.  And however you want to dress that up is over to you.

Me your naturopath Maree xx

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