Our philosophy is simple: Grounded, researched, practical health advice and support that focuses on and enhances your vitality and wellbeing through natural medicine.

Founded in 2014, the vision behind Vitalise Health was brought to life by Maree McEnaney, with the goal of establishing a mobile naturopathic health service and natural medicine health collective.

Vitalise Health Collective:

Maree McEnaney, BNatMed : Maree has a strong belief in the body’s ability to heal itself. ‘Our body’s are always in a state of homeostatic balance regardless of what we throw at it, and through natural medicine we are able to enhance our body’s balance’. Maree is an attentive and empathic listener, who is very grounded and practical in her approach to your wellbeing. Areas of interest for Maree are the presenting physical symptoms of your body, and the underlying emotional connection (metaphysical relationship); Maree also has an interest in sports performance, and is currently completing a sports nutrition certification through Holistic Performance Nutrition. She ensures her treatment plans are tailored to fit in with the lifestyle you lead.

Denise Melton, BNatMed : With research as a passion, Denise brings a wealth of knowledge, passion and understanding of your body’s function and nutrient need and works with you to optimise your bodies performance and state of wellbeing.

Both Maree and Denise are bachelor graduates of the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine.

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Maree McEnaney BNatMed

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Early childhood through to intermediate school, our home was located on the West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand, bordering native bush, where wild horses, goats, deer and pigs often roamed into our backyard. Consistently being within nature and loving the freshness and the energy derived from our wild native bushes and ocean coastlines is still the essence I love today. In my spare time you will find me in the elements of nature, whether that be tramping, cycling, swimming, kayaking or just sitting, for me it’s where I go to reenergise, ground myself and meditate.

Professionally I have a postgraduate diploma in event management with 12 years of working in Event Management both in the corporate world and not-for-profit charity space. In 2016 I completed 4 years of study, gaining a Bachelor in Natural Medicine, which has enhanced my passion for natural health and medicine.

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Denise Melton BNatMed

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]I grew up in South Africa with a love for the outdoors. A national swimmer, I spent a good deal of time learning about the best possible nutrition for optimal performance.

For the last 10 years, I have run a successful graphic and web design company and bring these skills with me. I have recently gained a degree in naturopathy and will head up the Vitalise naturopathic team, with a special interest in the relationship between the immune, endocrine and nervous systems and implications for overall health. I also have a very keen interest in herbal medicine, herbal history and herbal folklore. I am an enthusiastic reader and researcher of anything to do with natural health.

I am passionate about building the best holistic wellness options for you, as we are each unique and always changing.


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