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The change of season is here, the weather is getting colder, and the flu’s are starting to occur.  Lot’s of people are off to the GP to get a dose of antibiotics to rid themselves of the flu.  So what’s wrong with that? The problem is antibiotics do not work on viruses which most colds and flus are. The sole purpose of antibiotics is to fight bacterial infection and to prevent the spread of a bacterial infection especially if you are undergoing some serious medical procedure.

As a society we have been over prescribing on antibiotics so have developed antibiotic resistance.  The problem is the development of new antibiotics to fight the changing strains of bacteria’s cannot keep up and our resistance to the antibiotics when introduced to our system is in full force as we have been using antibiotics for minor problems. So when we do get a bacterial infection like strep throat it is a guessing game as to what sort of antibiotic to give due to the resistance we have developed.

Prime TV have put out a video in association with NZ on air to explain the concern that is within the medical industry over our resistance to antibiotics.  I have placed the link here Peak Antibiotics 

What is interesting is they do have  an absolute concern that in 10 years time we will have no resistance to bacterial infections, super bugs etc due to the resistance the bacteria has built up to the antibiotics we currently prescribe.  To develop a new antibiotic can take up to ten years and is dependent on what fungus is within our soil.  Added to our resistance to antibiotics is the fact that they are prescribed to animals to make them bigger and healthier. So we are being exposed to them via the food chain, and including the fact that as a nation we are extremely global so new strains of bacteria are being introduced to us all of the time.

So what does it mean for you?

If you choose to be treated for an infection like strep throat by antibiotics at the present time you are more than likely going to be prescribed several different types of antibiotics to find the one that works.

Herbs as medicine


We as naturopaths and medical herbalists would love to see our society reduce the use of antibiotics and start building internal resistance to bugs we are exposed to.   Through adapting a more nutritious diet and looking to nature at our own NZ Native herbs that have strong  antimicrobial and antifungal properties that are rich in tannins, flavonoids and antioxidants and all those therapeutic and immune enhancing actions that herbs have.


Please do not think  that we are against antibiotics absolutely not.  They are essential for any form of major surgery you may need to go through, and are essential in hospitals for preventing the spread of infections.

What I am concerned about is as a nation we are so dependent on antibiotics to treat minor problems that when it comes to fighting serious infection our bodies show limited resistance to the bacterial infection regardless of the dose or type of antibiotic you have taken.

If you are one of these people that has tried antibiotics over and over and have had no success on ridding yourself of the infection, are tired and run down and want some help then please by all means contact us.  Both Denise and I would love to help you to build your resistance to the infection and increase your vitality. You can contact us here

Stay strong, healthy and well this winter xx





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