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Following on from last weeks blog, I thought I would continue the dialog around diet, as it seems everyone is confused. We all are trying to eat healthier but with the hundreds of diets and conflicting advice on what is healthy it is easy to get overwhelmed.  Without guidance you are left to guess at what the right foods should be for you.  

Sometimes selecting a diet that seems popular or that is working for your friend, in the hopes that it will work to make you loose that excess weight or have more energy, doesn’t have the same results for you. After implementing the changes for a while you don’t feel any better or sometimes you end up feeling worse. Which is frustrating as you feel like you are doing everything right.

Why do some ways of eating work well for some people?

The truth is that there is no one size fits all diet that will work for every person. We are all unique with a different genetic and metabolic makeup and these differences mean that we each require different nutrients to function well.

We all have different beliefs around food, and emotional relationships with foods.

Often our dietary habits around food have nothing to do with what our bodies actually need, nor do they help us thrive, and can sometimes contribute to low energy, weight gain etc. Having a lack of understanding of our metabolic needs can set us up for a lifetime of guessing what foods are good for us, and can also ultimately lead to disease. Our diet is a powerful tool for in healing the body, but without the right pieces to your dietary puzzle, you may find yourself struggling to be fully healthy.

How to figure it all out

You may now be wondering how to figure it all out! Well if you have eliminated all processed food from your diet and are just eating whole foods but still not seeing the benefits you where expecting, then there may be other underlying causes that may take time to resolve. The one thing you can do is listen to your body more. How many of you eat on the run barely tasting your food? You drink your green smoothie on the way to work and hardly notice how it makes you feel. An hour after eating you are focused on work or children and have no idea how that food made your body respond. Having a salad for lunch is wonderful but not if after an hour your body is craving sugar!

Take time to test whether your body feels more energetic and vibrant after eggs or granola in the morning. Both are healthy options, providing good nutrition but one will work better for you than than the other.

If you need help navigating the deep waters of “Diets” and “Healthy Eating”, please come see us and feel vital again

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