Antibiotics should I be having them?

The change of season is here, the weather is getting colder, and the flu’s are starting to occur.  Lot’s of people are off to the GP to get a dose of antibiotics to rid themselves of the flu.  So what’s wrong with that? The problem is antibiotics do not work on viruses which most colds […]

Are green smoothies good or bad?

In an attempt to lead a healthier life and get in daily greens a lot of people are turning to green smoothies as a replacement for breakfast. But just how beneficial are these drinks for you and do they have a down side? Sugar content of your green smoothie By blending greens with fruit the […]

Diet cults, when a way of eating becomes an obession

From Paleo to Raw, there is a diet to suit every mood and personality type, and often followers advocate that their way is the best and only true way to stay healthy. Often their commitment goes well beyond the facts, people get emotionally attached and vehemently defend their belief in their chosen diet. The media […]

Energetics: Grain and Dairy

In our final post on food energetics we are going to look at grains and dairy. By now the concept of food energetics should be clear. Food especially ‘alive’ foods, foods that are in their natural state, provide us with more than just nutrients, they affect the energy flow within the body. The Super Seed […]

What information do I follow?

Ok so hands up who has friend’s that have said to you “hey try this it will sort out your chronic illness”, whether that be for pain, for a cold, or for whatever illness you are suffering from. And hands up who has shared with a friend prescription medicine because the meds cured them? And […]