The beauty of trees

I was reading an article and listening to a podcast the other day on trees, and how trees are so much more than stationary and inactive.  This really resonated with me and it got me thinking how we are so often within the confines of our urban city concrete jungles that we forget the beauty of […]


I thought I would repost this blog. I have been working with some trying people this week, and the thought that crossed my mind is ‘gosh, ego really drives some people’!   If people let go, trust in people and just show some good ole fashioned kindness, the flow happens with your work and with […]

Remembering the past

It would have been my grandfather’s 100th birthday this week, and although he wasn’t a New Zealander (he was British) he fought in world war two and had many stories to tell, mostly of the places he got to visit, the close calls he had and the comrade of his fellow soldiers. It always amazes me what […]

The Gift of Self Care

The year is almost in full swing with a few long weekends left before it is back to the fast lane. When you are on holiday and relaxed, taking care of yourself is a natural consequence but taking time for you becomes less of a priority as work, family and life commitments take over. However, you can […]

Mooching and reading

Oh my goodness, we are almost at the end of January! Where did that time go? It feels like yesterday where we were seeing in the New Year… So my visions of spending days mooching on the beach have been slightly delayed with this weather that we have been having. But in saying that it’s […]

Wabi Sabi

For many 2016 raked us over the existential coals, and if you are like me trying to understand the why can become almost like an obsession. Wondering what it was that you did in order to deserve such hardship, and thinking that somehow you are lessor for what has happened. Damaged, flawed, lacking in some […]


2017!!  Here we are!!  Oh my goodness what a year it’s going to be.  It’s like standing at the bottom of the mountain and thinking ‘how the hell am I going to conquer that’!  But like with everything it’s all about the baby steps and breaking those big audacious goals down into bite size pieces.. […]

Let’s Meditate

“Meditation is difficult, boring, or intimidating”, I have heard every excuse not to meditate and I have made some up myself but more and more we are seeing research showing the benefits of a daily meditation practice. One of our biggest reasons for not meditating is that we have no time and yet being better […]


Be courageous enough to continue doing what you know in your heart you want to do. Last night I was out with a very dear friend of mine, who happens to be working with innovators at the moment and is getting their story of their journey to success.  It was truly inspiring to hear that […]