Kindness is Badass…

Kindness is like ‘how u doing’ ‘let me help with that’ or it’s just simply about doing good stuff for people!  It doesn’t matter where you are, how busy you are or what you have going on in your own life; the thing about kindness is its free!  And it increases the feel good endorphins […]

Look up…

This week has been one of those crazy busy weeks, you know the drill! Running from one thing to the next not breathing properly, or eating or taking your time to enjoy the moment,  just getting through to get things done! So on the weekend I decided to take a nice long walk to defrazzel […]

The pursuit of happiness vs joy

Wednesday this week I discovered barre 101, I was transported back to being a seven year old girl in ballet class. It has been ages since exercise brought such a feeling of pure joy. Even though I know that I am not the ballerina I dreamed about being as a child, that little child is still in there […]

Flow like water

Today’s blog I want to chat about one of the most important commodities that we have on this earth, and if we didn’t have it nothing would survive. This beautiful resource that we in our country can access just by turning a tap, whereas in some countries people trek for miles to collect, is water.  […]

Vitalise Health is one year old today!!

Wow what an exciting year we have had, and we are looking forward to a fantastic 2016!  Denise is now fully practicing as a Naturopath, and would love to see you for an appointment either face to face or via Skype.  Please check out our Vitalise Health Naturopathic page for more details.  Maree is in […]

Gratitude is the attitude…..

Wow hoo its summer time! So our feel good factors are starting to kick into gear, our wind down for the end of year endorphins are kicking in and our social outings and interactions a stepping it up a notch and we are starting to feel great! I am feeling the summer buzz! Isn’t it […]


Yesterday was international R U OK day, which was to bring attention to the importance of Suicide prevention. This has actually made me stop and think about the people that are around me, and what they are going through. We often get so tied up in our own lives that we fail to see […]