Why skin care?

If I am to think back to when I was a teen and having to share a room with my sister, the smell of her spraying hairspray use to send me diving under my bed covers and holding my breath till I turned blue, I hated the smell! I have fond memories of my nana […]


This blog this week is more or a personal reflection on families and the role they play in influencing your life either good or bad… My mum is the eldest of a family of 8 siblings and in the past three months two of her siblings have died of cancer. I attended my uncle’s funeral […]

Winter Solstice & How To Love Winter

If you had asked me some years ago, what words I would use to describe winter they would have been darkness, cold, isolation and a yearning for something different. Perhaps, one could say that maybe on some level they aligned with my state of mind. This year feels different – winter feels more like stillness, […]

Tips to generating willpower

Willpower is the motivation to exercise will, ie to chose consciously. Sometimes called determination, drive, self-discipline, it is the putting off of short term satisfaction for long term gain. Many of us think that we could improve our lives if only we had more of that mysterious thing called willpower. With more self-control we would […]

Be mindful and the rest will follow…

This week my focus is on being mindful, and I hope you join me. So many times our thoughts, self talk, and actions set us on a path of negativity which co-incidentally attracts negativity into our lives. I don’t actually believe in co-incidences, I do however believe in energy and where we focus our energy […]

What information do I follow?

Ok so hands up who has friend’s that have said to you “hey try this it will sort out your chronic illness”, whether that be for pain, for a cold, or for whatever illness you are suffering from. And hands up who has shared with a friend prescription medicine because the meds cured them? And […]