Happy Easter

Easter brings up thoughts of chocolate and hot cross buns, but it is also a great holiday opportunity for us to nourish our bodies with delicious but also nutrient rich foods and drinks! Cacao There is just something about chocolate, beyond the taste the true essence of chocolate is indescribable. All chocolate is made from cacao […]

Lemon & Honey Detox Balls

  I am not going to lie to you, this week has been very full on and busy, juggling full-time work and continued study can be a little challenging at times. What if I told you in my weakest, most sleep deprived moments I was reaching for the nearest pick me up, coffee, sugar, chocolate! […]

Gratitude & Healthy ANZAC Biscuits

Do you ever stop to count your blessings for the life you have been given? For me, sometimes I feel I get so caught up in “surviving” my weeks juggling full-time work, study and family commitments that the weeks fly by and I have stopped “living”. I fail to notice the beauty in the world […]