5 Habits For Glowing Skin

If you want to have clear, glowing, healthy looking skin no matter what time of the month, there is more to skin care than just using good quality products, like Vitalise Skin Care (ie those that contain no harmful ingredients). Lifestyle, diet and day to day habits can be the difference between a healthy glow […]

The power of smell

Arrhhh, Christmas is nearing and all those beautiful Christmas aromas are amongst us, I thought it would be a great reminder of the benefits of aromatherapy oils to further aliven your senses over this Christmas period.   This blog was written by Denise. Hippocrates the father of modern medicine said that, ” the way to health […]

The healing power of the sun

This week I thought I would put up a blog that Denise wrote back in January, as we are heading into our days of summer I thought it would be fantastic to remind ourselves about practicing sensible sun exposure.   By doing this it can actually help prevent skin cancer, as well as provide other health […]

The Healing Power of the Sun

Wow the last few weeks have been hot, and sunny, yet most of us fear the “harmful rays” of the sun that we have been told can cause skin cancer. Practising sensible sun exposure can actually help prevent skin cancer, as well as provide other health benefits and improve vitamin D levels. UV radiation consists of UVA, […]

Why skin care?

If I am to think back to when I was a teen and having to share a room with my sister, the smell of her spraying hairspray use to send me diving under my bed covers and holding my breath till I turned blue, I hated the smell! I have fond memories of my nana […]