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We at Vitalise health are running an 21 day integrated Detox programme. This is to kick start your summer of feeling great!
We know there are heaps of detox programmes out there to choose from.  So what’s different about ours?

Our programme focuses on supporting your 5 bodily elimination channels, i.e your skin, breath, colon, kidneys and most importantly the liver. Our programme is designed to especially support phase II of the liver detoxification process. We also look at ways to eliminate toxins from your environment as well as look at how your thoughts and relationships with others may be creating toxicity in your daily life.

Our programme comes with  food recipes, a reflective journal, daily action emails, and a weekly facebook live question and answer session.

Our programme is for 21 days, the first 10 days are about you resetting your body, so you will need a lot of support in this first 10 days, the next 11 days we are supporting you in making achievable long term improvments to diet and lifestyle.

We are about building community so are offering a deal of sign one person up and get a friend half price, so get your work colleagues together, partners, friends and join us in building a supportive network of people making positive changes to their lives. Men, women, elderly and teens will all benefit *

As we really want to see you all succeed and we are going to be here to support you daily on your journey we have priced the full programme at $30.00.

So don’t miss out, come and join up on this 21 day immersive detox programme.

* Note if you have an existing medical condition please advise us of this so we can taylor the programme to you and your needs.


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