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In our final post on food energetics we are going to look at grains and dairy. By now the concept of food energetics should be clear. Food especially ‘alive’ foods, foods that are in their natural state, provide us with more than just nutrients, they affect the energy flow within the body.

The Super Seed

The trend today is to vilify grains, however historically they where revered for their life giving properties. Grains are a fruit as well as being a seed and a single seed can reproduce in abundance, therefore energetically they are supportive to reproductive strength both physiologically and mentally.

“Energetically and nutritionally satisfying, each whole cereal grain represents both the beginning and the end of a grass plant’s life cycle containing all the possibilities and potential of the whole plant.” Steve Gagne

Grain is the primary fuel for the brain and nervous system and contains the genetic memory of how humanity grew to civilization. Grains are also very versatile in how they can be prepared and can be stored for long periods. An interesting fact about storage of grains, in 1800’s explorers found sealed underground silos of grain in Europe some 1000’s of years old still intact and vital. Grain grown today however in the USA has a storage capacity of only 4 years before it starts to grow mould and be attacked by insects. Could this be due to how we treat this most precious food? Many people today are angry about how livestock are farmed however we should also be concerned about the way we treat grains, like all living organisms they too are susceptible to their environment. It is also important to remember that grain is often the source of food for livestock, if it is lacking vitality and energy it can’t pass this on and so our meat will also be lacking and prone to illness.

  • Rice, has qualities of endurance and adaptability, pride and honor
  • Wheat, one of the oldest grains, the most versitile and strong, and has been the staple for many civilizations. Food sources include bread, pasta, whole wheat, and many varieties. Bread is warming and drying, removes water; pasta when hot is warm and damp but when cold is cool and damp, and add moisture and flexibility.
  • Qunioa, meaning mother in Quechua Indian, and is strong and adapative in adverse conditions. It is warming and drying
  • Oats, preferring lots of water and they create some dampness in the body as well as warmth. Especially beneficial for those with a weakened constitution or those who are highly strung.
  • Corn, a tough and resiliant grain, dry corn tends to create dry and cool conditions within the body, whereas sweetcorn creates damp and is cooling

Dairy Foods

Humans have used the milk of other animals for food in moderate amounts for as long as is recorded, however they didn’t drink the milk they cultured it so that it could be kept without spoiling. These forms include butter, cheese, and many fermented dairy products. Energetically milk is a primal food, and relates directly to the character and personality of the species that it comes from. For all forms of dairy it is best to try to find sources of raw, organic and unprocessed varieties as only these will add benefit.

  • Avoid pasteurized, homogenized excessive milk consumption, it creates cold, damp and mucus (loss of vitality and energy) Raw milk can be beneficial for some in small amounts
  • Yogurt from pasteurized homogenized milk defeats the benefits, however if you create your own from raw milk and add probiotics it is a very beneficial food
  • Cheese, energetically fresh or soft cheese create warmth and damp and shouldn’t be eaten excess, hard cheese hardens and tightens is warming and drying aging the skin
  • Butter in excess creates constipation and a mental heaviness but in moderate quantities is warming and easy to digest
  • Ice-cream, what little passion may possibly exist  in milk is totally eliminated in ice-cream. Use it to “rid yourself of passion, compassion and warmth”, a lonely and unfulfilling experience as anyone who has used it to heal a broken heart.

In conclusion

Eating keeps us alive, however in order to thrive you need to find those foods in their best energetic vital state which are an energetic fit for you and in doing so you will find your body absorbs nutrients better and your health and vitality will increase.

Food Energetics: The Spiritual, Emotional, and Nutritional Power of What We Eat, by Steve Gagne.

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