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With March it out March going into its 3rd week, I thought it would be a good time to chat about the importance of recovery and most importantly introducing some flexibility into your recovery time.
We all know that if you don’t warm up and stretch you a more prone to injury, but did you know through becoming more flexible you are increasing your body’s ability to perform. Through flexibility you can increase your endurance, strength and range of motion; some professionals say your overall performance increases by as much as 30% which is massive! Our body’s ability to be as flexible as we were when we were children is pretty much lost as we enter adulthood, which is often put down to good ol Stress. Stress causes your body to tighten up into one huge ball of knots. Combine the normal stress from work and family with a few hard gym workouts a week and you’re looking at a recipe for disaster. Taking time to de-stress will help to relax your body and prevent muscles from tensing up and restricting movement. Find a few times a week to engage in a relaxing activity to help you unwind. Walking, light yoga, and massage are all great examples, By being gentle with ourselves and taking 7 minutes to do some gentle stretching will enhance your immune system, increase your flexibility, lift your mood, and in some cases give you a sense of inner peace. Below is a link to a youtube clip that follows the ancient practice of Qi Gong, this is a 7 minute clip of pure magic! I hope you get a feeling of grounding from this.

Of course another way to ensure we a stretching and building on our flexibility is through the practice of yoga, which personally I love but must admit in the past year have become quite estranged from. Here is a 10 minute clip of a yoga sequence that will assist with flexibility. Remember everyone starts somewhere, it’s not about being perfect at the posture, it’s about working with your body to gently increase your body’s flexibility and range of motion and to assist you in unwinding.

Through being more flexible we are enabling our body to become more injury free, improving our posture, improving our breathing, decreasing our stress levels and increasing our overall energy. Also, of major benefit is massage. Here at Vitalise health we offer therapeutic massage where we get deep into those muscles to help break up the knots within your body tissue that can restrict movement.
My request to you is in this 3rd week of March it out March you take 10 minutes every day to include stretching – your self will thank you!
ME xx

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