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Wow hoo its summer time! So our feel good factors are starting to kick into gear, our wind down for the end of year endorphins are kicking in and our social outings and interactions a stepping it up a notch and we are starting to feel great!

I am feeling the summer buzz!

Isn’t it so fab how the sun can make everything feel so lighter –  The BBQ’s, visits to the beach, the shorts are out and your skin is getting fabulous amounts of Vitamin D! So all in all our endorphins are feeling pretty darn good.

So I have been thinking how do you keep this positive vibe alive?

I have spent some time reading articles and listening to talks and what I have found is when you have gratitude in your life, you have happiness.

Studies show that by showing gratitude, appreciating nature, passing a sincere complement to someone or simply saying thank you , you are actually increasing your own happiness, and you are enhancing your own ability to improve health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships with people (Articles at bottom of post).

What I want to share with you is two fabulous Ted talk clips on gratitude and creating happiness in your life. I hope you love the wise words of David Steindl-Rast and the beautiful time lapse images of Louie Schwartzberg’s



So as your summer hot’s up, and you are run off your feet with end of the year to-do lists, I wish you time, time to stop, observe and think on what you are grateful for. Time to breath, time to spend with your family and friends, time to pay someone a compliment, and time to enjoy the moment you are currently in.

Thank you and I send you gratitude from my heart to yours Namaste x


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