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Easter brings up thoughts of chocolate and hot cross buns, but it is also a great holiday opportunity for us to nourish our bodies with delicious but also nutrient rich foods and drinks!


There is just something about chocolate, beyond the taste the true essence of chocolate is indescribable. All chocolate is made from cacao beans, which have really high antioxidant and mineral properties as well as providing rejuvenating effects. “Cacao supports the heart in a literal, metaphysical and spiritual sense, and the Aztecs often called cacao yollotl eztli , which means ‘heart blood’ “David Wolfe. However, the chocolate eggs that are usually a part of Easter celebrations are full of sugar, milk solids and very little of this magical ingredient.  The benefits of making your own chocolate means that you can get the best of the raw cacao and turn your indulgence into a nutritious superfood!

My go to for a standard chocolate recipe is:

2 cups cacao powder
1 cup of caco butter
1/2 cup coconut oil
1 tbsp honey or your preferred sweetener

Melt oil and butter in a double boiler, when liquid add the other ingredients and stir until smooth
Add to baking tray or mould
Add in any extras and put into the fridge to set.

Then I can add whatever else I want to in, so either ginger or berries or nuts or both!

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We hope that this Easter weekend to do something fun and playful with your families. Nourish yourself and your relationships, be grateful for each other. Be mindful of your choices this weekend and enjoy and savour every mouthful, in this way you nourish your body and soul.

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