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As the year comes to a close and we set our eyes on the future, tackling our biggest wellness goals can seem like a daunting proposition. Wondering how much exercise to do, and what to eat, or how to loose a few pounds can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Implementing some basic daily habits can make a big difference to your vitality and overall health.

#1 Practice Gratitude

According to current research, gratitude can help you achieve your goals, and improve your skills of empathy and resilience. It also relaxes the body, reduces stress, improves digestion, and deepens our relationships. Focusing more on what you are grateful for allows us to have perspective and see how rich our lives actually are. When you’re thinking about your health and what you want to improve, don’t forget how amazing your body is and appreciate everything that we already have.

#2 Sleep Better

Make sleeping well a priority! We have spoken about the importance of sleep before, sleep is one of the most benefical wellness tools we have. Make sure you have good sleep hygiene and improve the quality of your sleep.

#3 Caffeine, sugar, and alcohol

Imagining the start of your day without caffeine, the middle of the day without sugar, and the end of the day without alcohol, may seem unfathomable to some of you. In fact most of us would be including at least one of these daily, and any mention of quitting brings out strong feelings of resistance. One of the reasons we become addicted to these foods is that they improve our mood and state of mind, especially when we are feeling stressed or irritable or low in energy. The way to reduce our dependence on them is to focus on including nutrient-rich whole foods into your diet so that you end up reducing the need for “pick me up’s”. What matters most is that you give yourself a break from the item, either a week or two, so that you can remind yourself of its true effects when you add it back in.

#4 Do a cleanse once a year

A cleanse is one of the best ways maintain your healthy living goals, as long as it is done correctly without being extreme. The benefits of doing a cleanse are numerous and include; purification of your system and giving your digestive system a rest, clearing your skin, slow down the aging process, improving sleep, energy and flexibility.

We will be starting our Vitality Boost Summer Cleanse on the 11th January, join us for this 14 day programme where we will show you how to establish daily and weekly habits that will improve your overall health and vitality throughout the year.

#5 Set healthy living goals

Often as part of our New Year’s resolution we add the goal to loose weight, this is a very generic and uncreative goal which often gets thrown to the wayside after a few weeks. Spend a few minutes thinking about the areas of your health you’d like to improve and then write them down. Make the goals clear and specific, have you always wanted to spend more time in the bush, or read more, or learn some healthy recipes or have a monthly date with yourself, whatever it is make it specific and set clear timeframes for completion. For example if you want to spend a couple of hours each month on a date with yourself going for a walk in the Waitakeres, then put this time into your dairy now for the rest of the year and treat it like a VIP appointment, no rescheduling!

#6 Break the sugar and processed food habit

These foods raise blood sugar, tax the liver and provide toxins and very little nutrients. Being prepared is the best way to reduce the amount of sugar and processed food. Remove these foods from your shopping list so that you are not tempted for a quick fix when you are running late. Eating nutrient dense, whole foods will reduce cravings for sugar and improve your overall health.

In summary

These habits are not too restrictive and don’t require major sacrifice, and by working them into your daily habits, you will see the effects on your overall wellbeing immediately

The above healthy living habits can also lead to weight loss, better sleep, increased energy and vitality throughout the day. If you would like to take part in a kick start programme that implements these healthy habits and a few others please signup to take part in our Vitality Boost Summer Cleanse.

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