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October is breast cancer awareness month and the information given on websites and pamphlets emphasizes statistics on women contracting breast cancer, finding a cure and treatment options, there is very little information teaching women what we can all do to prevent it in the first place. In the words of Dr Christian Northrup, a New York Times best-selling author, and prominent speaker on women’s health issues, and natural health,

“Using words such as “detect” and “screen” and “special populations” implies that you will inevitably get cancer and you need to “plan” for it “.

As women we should respect and value our bodies, and our breasts regardless of how they appear or what has been done to them in regards to having implants, or surgery, and our breasts should provide nourishment and pleasure for ourselves and others. Below are some steps that can be implemented in our daily lives to improve overall breast health.

  • Get to know your breasts, touch your breasts, with respect and caring, appreciate their uniqueness. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, be aware of what is “normal” for you and love them as they are. Monthly our breast are effected by hormonal changes, which can manifest as a feeing  of fullness or tenderness
  • Improve lymph flow around the breast and armpit, minimise the time you wear your bra, and if you can go braless! Regularly massage will help rid the body of toxins, while increasing blood flow and life energy! Exercise benefits are numerous and help reduce your risk for breast cancer
  • Reduce the sugar and high-glycemic index foods, high blood sugar, which occurs when you eat a high-glycemic diet, is a risk factor for breast disease
  • Key nutrients, studies have shown that optimal levels of Vitamin D lowers your risk of breast cancer, and daily iodine, which for many women is inadequate, decreases the ability of excess oestrogen to adhere to oestrogen receptors in the breast
  • Eat lots of vegetableseat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to ensure you provide the body with adequate amounts of fibre and antioxidants
  • Get plenty of sleep, it is during sleep that our bodies detoxify and remove excess hormones and quality of sleep and sleep disturbances are being recognized as predictors of women’s health and well-being
  • Reduce alcohol, alcohol, even in small amounts, has been implicated in numerous studies to increase the risk of breast cancer
  • Get Social. Spending time with friends and family, having a fulfilling social life improves your innate immune system, which helps keep cell irregularities in check
  • Create time for self nourishment, as women we are often busy taking care of everyone else and neglecting ourselves, making time to nurture and love yourself keeps your cells happy and healthy. Do whatever makes you happy and brings a smile to your heart

And finally, find time to forgive, as you let go of grudges, you’ll no longer define your life by how you’ve been hurt, this allows you to move forward and release those emotions which if left can fester and grow and cause disease.

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