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It’s days like today where you do something out of your normal that make you feel alive.  And for me it’s that moment of purity, of being connected in the moment, where you are not thinking about anything but being present in the moment you are in.  Hearing the breaking waves of the beach, feeling the rain on your skin, being warm and feeling so alive.

I love experiencing the elements of nature, and seeing other people out in nature.  Today it was the surfers trying to catch the best wave.  I love doing things in winter that are out of the normal, and I especially love it when my friends choose to do the same.  Last weekend we went ocean kayaking,  in the middle of winter and it was stunning.  No one around, the water was so pure and fresh, with just us connecting with nature was truly epic.   The image I have chosen for the cover is me in the sunset of this trip.

So If you are not affected by flooding and the severe weather, and have a raincoat, warm gloves and a hat, then get outside, take a stroll, look at the fantastic green of the trees, feel the rain on your face, take a walk along the coast line and feel the power of the ocean, everything just sparkles with the freshness.  And just breath, allow the warmth from the sun to soak in (between downpours) and be.

I guess in some way this is my version of eat, pray love.  Feeling for one moment connected, fills you with a feeling of being so alive,  and so present, with thoughts of clarity.

The country has some serious winter weather going on at the moment, with flooding and sever downpours hitting, and rightly so many are worried, and I send these people my thoughts.

for anyone wanting to partake in a mindful mediation,  then I hope you enjoy this link by Oprah and Deepak

And if you can, get outside and do something crazy and different this winter.  I hope you enjoy and can share in my little bubble of happiness.

Me xx

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