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How many times have you told yourself, I want to learn that, or I want to try that, and you always find an excuse not to do it, or it goes to the back of your to do list! These are dreams of things that you envision yourself trying or doing but for some reason you keep putting them off! Well I think its time to take that one thing you have always dreamed of and make it a priority. Let’s set some steps in place to achieving instead of preventing. If its cost holding you back put $5 per week into a jar, name the jar with your dream. If it’s fear holding you back take a minute to ask yourself what is it that I am really fearful of, what else is this fear preventing me from doing? When we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, it is in this zone that you truly see what you are capable of!

As our March it out March challenge comes to an end I don’t want this to be the end for you. So find that one thing that you have wanted to do since childhood and make a commitment to it! You will be amazed at what doors open as you take that first step to achieving your challenge/goal. For me I want to learn how to wind surf, the speed and freedom the people must experience as they zoom across the ocean has always looked so fun and so free! I have put this off for over 5 years now as I have stupid fears of falling off or not being able to turn back, and then of course there is the cost. But I think the time has come to say sod it! I am going to do it! So as I put $5 per week towards this goal, I encourage you to make a commitment towards your dream/goal! We only live once so why not experience as much as possible! Release that inner dream, who knows where it will lead, and what adventure you will have on the way! Xx

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