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“Meditation is difficult, boring, or intimidating”, I have heard every excuse not to meditate and I have made some up myself but more and more we are seeing research showing the benefits of a daily meditation practice. One of our biggest reasons for not meditating is that we have no time and yet being better organised and less chaotic is a benefit of meditating, so I say let’s make time to meditate.

The 10 Minute Meditation

Looking around I have found many 10-minute meditation practices especially on YouTube, and these suit me as I don’t feel they are too big a commitment and I can feel the benefits of taking some time for myself to slow down and be more present. I find these really helpful to use when I feel like I am getting overly stressed and need to focus myself to be more efficient in what needs to be done.

Deepak Chopra has an article on a different meditation for each day, as well as running 21 day free meditation courses with Oprah of which I have done a few, the latest having already started but you can still join here.

A 10 Minute Guided Breath Meditation for Beginners

Phone Apps that I have tried include buddhify ($8NZD) and headspace (Free for 10 then $3), I like these options for when I go walking or just sitting by the beach or in the park.

Let’s meditate together today, namaste 🙂

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