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This week has been one of those crazy busy weeks, you know the drill! Running from one thing to the next not breathing properly, or eating or taking your time to enjoy the moment,  just getting through to get things done!

So on the weekend I decided to take a nice long walk to defrazzel from everything.  On my walk I was observing people, I went through Mission Bay, and I have to say I was so disappointed to see such a massive influx of people so disconnected from the environment they were in.  I walked in a park with 100’s of people all walking around with mission-bay-pokemon-gotheir heads pointing down to the ground, well actually into their phones, all chasing a factious character and not one person was looking or observing the environment they were in, or communicating with the person they were with.  Not once did I see anyone look up.  It for me was actually a very sad sight.  Have we become so obsessed with technology and games that we forget to look up, forget to tune into the rhythm and vibe of nature?

It was a fantastically windy day, the type where you can fall back into the wind and it holds you up, yet no-one was connecting to this.  The trees were alive with the wind flowing through them, yet no one was looking at how strong, free and alive the branches were.  The ocean was so angry with its spray and splashes boiling away, yet no-one was seeing the energy of it.   The sun was pouring through, between the bouts of pouring down rain, the type that soaks right through, and then the sun’s rays absorbing it all, yet no one was seeing this, no one was looking.  My thoughts were, how disconnected as a society have we become from nature.  We have this magnificent stimulating environment, yet people would rather be heads down in their phones chasing a cartoon character.

If I was to look at this through Eastern or Buddhist philosophy in terms of the language of energy, heavy things fall low to the floor, including negative thoughts, feelings and lost spirits. Heaviness is a metaphor for when we feel tired, lethargic or stuck. We feel “down” or “low.”

Lightness—that upward movement—is an energetic principle, where lightness rises upwards through the heart enhancing the feeling of bliss, love, concentration, and awareness.

So to finish in the words of Stephen Hawking – physicist and scientist img_160729_073932

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up.”

Next time you take a walk in nature leave your phone behind, go  feel, smell, observe, communicate, connect and play in nature, it is a gift to us so be present in its mighty essence.

Me xx


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