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Wow gosh can you believe it is Christmas!  Whether you are charging full noise into Christmas getting swept up by the rush, or a frantically organising Christmas holiday’s or Christmas lunch my wish for you amongst this very busy time is to pause and take some time to reflect.  Look back over your 2017, the lessons, the happiness, the challenges and whatever you have struggled with, or have been blessed with and send a thought of gratitude, and know whatever you are struggling with it is making you stronger, and it will get better.  Take a moment to think of the people that are no longer with us, or are unable to be with family, and send them thoughts of love.

If you get a moment between Christmas and New Year write yourself a reflective note, what things in 2017 do you want to bring into 2018 and what do you want to leave in 2017 and do just that!  When we go through transition it is always hard so be patient with yourself!  And above all smile at yourself as you so got 2017!  And 2018 I hope you are ready!

Have a fantastic Christmas, I hope wherever you are it is full of family, friends and loved ones, and if you are on your own, I hope you get to do something that makes your heart sing.

Be safe & happy and enjoy this fantastic weather!

Vitalise Health will be taking a break between Christmas and New Year and will be back in full force early in 2018!  We are excited for 2018 lot’s of new exciting products coming your way!

Womens Hormonal Health

Much Love Me xx (Naturopath Maree)

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