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So have you ever had those moments where you look in the mirror and go oh my word what happened!  So that my friends is me at the moment!

Lack of exercise = yes

To many treats in the diet = yes

To many milky lattes = yes

Too much diary going in = yes

Low fibre going in = yes

So what are you going to do about it?

Well I could sit here and moan and wonder where it all went wrong?  Well I don’t need to wonder much as I pretty much know.

So I have opted to do a bit of a reset.  Admittedly I was encouraged by one of my work colleagues who was going to be undertaking a 10 day juice reboot diet.  So I have stepped in and said I will join provided I can incorporate soups and bone broths.

So here we are on day three – that’s three days of no coffee for me..  Today I was really surprised at how my blood sugars were way out of whack as my body struggled to stay awake this afternoon.  Not a good look when you are on a Skype meeting and you feel your eyes getting heavier  and heavier.   Today I moved heaps and drunk heaps of water and peppermint tea, but trying to stay alert when that lull hit was hard work. Suggestions on what to eat would be welcome, I am avoiding nuts and seeds at the moment, only because I want all green going in.

Our juicing is mostly green juicing, with lots of beautiful liver support herbs like, milk thistle, globe artichoke, parsley, pretty much anything green and leafy has gone in.

And tonight I am all about the beetroot so have prepared for tomorrows lunch a yummy beetroot, orange & fennel soup. But if you are like me and like to experiment I have added garlic and onions carrots, kumara, rocket , ginger, turmeric  & apple.  Then I decided to prep a beautiful blood cleansing juice for tomorrow.  So I have a juice with orange, ginger, carrot, beetroot, lemon, fennel & apple.  And not to waste the fibre that separates from the juice, I have put that into the soup.

But If you want a fantastically good little three day detox/liver support then broth/soup is the way to go.  Below is a recipe that Michael Eyres from My Remedy shared with me.

Slice up fennel bulb and an equal amount of leak, sauté in olive oil until soft. Add stock/broth to cover well bring to the boil and add a cup or more of greens (spinach, parsley, cilantro, nettle, etc), spices (eg garlic, tumeric, black pepper). Boil for another minute or two and remove from heat and finish with a dollop of coconut oil. Let cool a bit and then puree with a stick blender. Season with salt to taste.  Mike, usually has a cup of the soup twice a day for three days as a mini fast/detox.

Oh and on the exercise front, I am making a point of moving. So if you can get out at lunchtime or if not make yourself do something after work.  I have an hour commute home on the bus so I know what it’s like when you can’t be arsed, but honestly the results are not good with that attitude.

So fingers crossed my body will be smiling at me come the end of day 10.  I am hoping to get more energy so will keep you posted with how I go.

Oh and if you are interested Vitalise is setting up a Summer Revive programme to kick off 1st September, this will be a 21 day programme to really reset and kick into spring/summer.  Denise will update you all with details of this, but if you are interested please let us know.

Chat soon

Me xx Naturopath Maree

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