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This post is more about how harsh we are on ourselves, how much we focus on what we don’t like about ourselves and how often we partake in unsustainable diets to lose a few pounds to only regain it all!

It makes me so sad when I hear the chatter around me and it’s all about weight and what I hate about myself. Well here’s the thing, instead of sending your body negative thoughts and ‘nit picking’ at what you don’t like about yourself, send yourself some love. Even if it’s for 5 minutes a day acknowledge yourself when you are feeling happy, embrace the positive vibe and send an inner thought of kindness to yourself.

Instead of looking at food and thinking this is making me fat or I’m on this KJ restricting diet, think what am I eating today that will nourish me, instead of thinking about what you can’t have  think I choose to eat to make me healthy. Ask yourself am I comfort eating? What is it about this food that makes me feel good? Can I get that same feeling by spending 5 minutes on something joyous in my life? If it’s a habit of after dinner I always eat chocolate, why not change your routine. Instead of sitting down, break your habit and do something that gives you joy. It might be going into your garden observing how the flowers have grown, maybe it’s playing with a pet or if you have young children looking at the art they have drawn that day, look at how content, safe and happy they are, how you make them feel.

Whatever your evening ritual is switch the habits, change the focus send yourself loving and happy thoughts.  I am a big believer in we attract and mirror what we say we don’t like about ourselves, so if you have people around you that are always putting themselves down stop and think do I do this? Spend more time focusing on what you like about yourself.

I understand there are many foods out there that people turn to because its quick or it provides comfort and often when eating it you have the knowledge of ‘I know this is bad for me’ so take that thought and make one simple change, ask yourself is what I am eating making me healthy?

Winter is a time of warmth and nourishment so nourish your soul with the beautiful warming foods that are in season, there is so much healthy nutrients in beautiful broths and soups, and not to forget the fantastically warming casseroles that warm you from the inside.   Eat lots of rich green fibrous vegetables. Anything plant based that is dark green or rich in colour and the fantastic root vegetables that are about especially the beetroots nourish yourself with these warming rich antioxidant foods and remember your liver loves plants.

We at Vitalise Health have a wealth of knowledge on the various diets out there, but we pretty much cater to eat whole foods, avoid processed foods, and enjoy the abundance of the fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season. We are about creating long term sustainable changes to the foods you eat that caters to whatever condition you may have.

It is our belief that by creating just the slightest shift in how you view yourself and the way you view food can create a transition for you in becoming healthier and happier. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a rut we are only to happy to help you make that transition.

Be strong, be well, healthy & happy! and remember simple changes makes healthy living

Me xx

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