We at Vitalise health are running an 21 day integrated Detox programme. This is to kick start your summer of feeling great! We know there are heaps of detox programmes out there to choose from.  So what’s different about ours? Our programme focuses on supporting your 5 bodily elimination channels, i.e your skin, breath, colon, […]

Essential oils – should I take them internally?

As a medical herbalist, the thought of taking essential oils internally scares me somewhat!  I must admit I have not spent a lot of time studying essential oils, but from what I have learnt Essential oils are a complex compound, they are 100% more potent than a herbal tincture, and for me the very nature […]

Margarine vs butter: Which is healthier?

Taking a close look at butter and margarine, which is more likely to elevate our physical risk for disease? Butter Butter has a rich history dating back at least 4,000 years, cherished for it’s many benefits including boosting immunity and supplying nourishment in times of need (Douma, 2008). How is it made? Butter is made […]


That eggie gooey goodness…  I love the versatility of eggs, just thinking of the many ways you can eat em is just delicious!  Scramble em, boil em, poach em, and if you are brave, eat em raw… You can virtually make any texture from these wee beauty’s from soft creamy scrambled yum to firm baked […]

Teenager # Vegetarian # Worry

My Teenage daughter wants to be a vegetarian should I be concerned? This is a question put to me the other day, so I thought I would put together the main areas of concern and how to get around them. Firstly, vegetarianism has been around for millions of years and there is no harm in […]

The magic of Echinacea

Today I thought I would chat about one of my favourite herbs! I know I have chatted about ginger before which I personally try and incorporate into my diet every day. But today it’s Immune boost time! And what better way to do it than with the beautiful Echinacea, also known as purple cornflower, botanically […]

Mooching and reading

Oh my goodness, we are almost at the end of January! Where did that time go? It feels like yesterday where we were seeing in the New Year… So my visions of spending days mooching on the beach have been slightly delayed with this weather that we have been having. But in saying that it’s […]

Food as medicine – how to get the most out of the food we eat

Many of us hear the  phrase “FOOD AS MEDICINE” and think we have to eat healthy, i.e. lots of organic fruit and vegetables not too much red meat and limit sugar. However, food is potentially more powerful than this, especially plant foods as they contain invaluable phytochemicals that aid the body’s innate immune system, helping the cells deal with toxins, inflammation, […]

Anxiety: The Lowdown

Everyone at some point in their lives has felt anxious, and there are times when this anxiety is beneficial, we need a certain amount in order to survive. Anxiety can warn us of potential danger and negative events. When you feel anxious your body becomes aroused, you become more focused, muscle tension increases, your heart […]