We at Vitalise health are running an 21 day integrated Detox programme. This is to kick start your summer of feeling great! We know there are heaps of detox programmes out there to choose from.  So what’s different about ours? Our programme focuses on supporting your 5 bodily elimination channels, i.e your skin, breath, colon, […]


There is so much info out there on food and what to eat and what not to eat and the various diets that it can be a very confusing minefield on what you should eat. I want to keep things simple for you, because if you are anything like me, every now and then you […]

Be mindful and the rest will follow…

This week my focus is on being mindful, and I hope you join me. So many times our thoughts, self talk, and actions set us on a path of negativity which co-incidentally attracts negativity into our lives. I don’t actually believe in co-incidences, I do however believe in energy and where we focus our energy […]