This week I have been reminded of a beautiful practice of forgiveness, which I posted on last year but figured this is a great reminder to us all.  As we get so immersed in our lives and rush to this thing and that, with people often saying things that we may take offense to, or […]

The beauty of trees

I was reading an article and listening to a podcast the other day on trees, and how trees are so much more than stationary and inactive.  This really resonated with me and it got me thinking how we are so often within the confines of our urban city concrete jungles that we forget the beauty of […]

Let’s Meditate

“Meditation is difficult, boring, or intimidating”, I have heard every excuse not to meditate and I have made some up myself but more and more we are seeing research showing the benefits of a daily meditation practice. One of our biggest reasons for not meditating is that we have no time and yet being better […]

Be mindful and the rest will follow…

This week my focus is on being mindful, and I hope you join me. So many times our thoughts, self talk, and actions set us on a path of negativity which co-incidentally attracts negativity into our lives. I don’t actually believe in co-incidences, I do however believe in energy and where we focus our energy […]