Anxiety: The Lowdown

Everyone at some point in their lives has felt anxious, and there are times when this anxiety is beneficial, we need a certain amount in order to survive. Anxiety can warn us of potential danger and negative events. When you feel anxious your body becomes aroused, you become more focused, muscle tension increases, your heart […]

The cost of vanity…

This post is more about how harsh we are on ourselves, how much we focus on what we don’t like about ourselves and how often we partake in unsustainable diets to lose a few pounds to only regain it all! It makes me so sad when I hear the chatter around me and it’s all […]

Gratitude is the attitude…..

Wow hoo its summer time! So our feel good factors are starting to kick into gear, our wind down for the end of year endorphins are kicking in and our social outings and interactions a stepping it up a notch and we are starting to feel great! I am feeling the summer buzz! Isn’t it […]


Yesterday was international R U OK day, which was to bring attention to the importance of Suicide prevention. This has actually made me stop and think about the people that are around me, and what they are going through. We often get so tied up in our own lives that we fail to see […]


This blog this week is more or a personal reflection on families and the role they play in influencing your life either good or bad… My mum is the eldest of a family of 8 siblings and in the past three months two of her siblings have died of cancer. I attended my uncle’s funeral […]

Winter Solstice & How To Love Winter

If you had asked me some years ago, what words I would use to describe winter they would have been darkness, cold, isolation and a yearning for something different. Perhaps, one could say that maybe on some level they aligned with my state of mind. This year feels different – winter feels more like stillness, […]