Food as medicine – how to get the most out of the food we eat

Many of us hear the  phrase “FOOD AS MEDICINE” and think we have to eat healthy, i.e. lots of organic fruit and vegetables not too much red meat and limit sugar. However, food is potentially more powerful than this, especially plant foods as they contain invaluable phytochemicals that aid the body’s innate immune system, helping the cells deal with toxins, inflammation, […]

Nourish yourself this winter

This post is more about how harsh we are on ourselves, how much we focus on what we don’t like about ourselves and how often we partake in unsustainable diets to lose a few pounds to only regain it all! It makes me so sad when I hear the chatter around me and it’s all […]

Energetics: Grain and Dairy

In our final post on food energetics we are going to look at grains and dairy. By now the concept of food energetics should be clear. Food especially ‘alive’ foods, foods that are in their natural state, provide us with more than just nutrients, they affect the energy flow within the body. The Super Seed […]

Nourishing Wisdom

Last week I introduced the concept of food energetics, and today I would like to explore this further. Most people think of food in terms of micro and macro nutrients, with some preferring to eat a diet high in fat and low carbohydrate or alternatively choosing to eat a paleo diet or any other diet […]