The healing power of the sun

This week I thought I would put up a blog that Denise wrote back in January, as we are heading into our days of summer I thought it would be fantastic to remind ourselves about practicing sensible sun exposure.   By doing this it can actually help prevent skin cancer, as well as provide other health […]

Nutrition Tips for Beautiful Skin

Our skin is a reflection of our internal health, when we have skin conditions this can be an indication of either internal toxicity, mineral deficiences, inflammation or oxidative stress. Our best way to combat these is with nutritional rich foods as well as foods high in anti-oxidants. The best thing you can do to ensure a healthy skin […]

Skin conditions – what’s really going on?

Skin conditions generally seem to be on the rise, with the most common being eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, lichen planus, rosacea as well as skin infections. If you have a visible skin condition you want it gone and will try almost anything to get rid of it, however you don’t want to do anything to make it […]