Communication….why are we so crap at it?

My goodness, why is this the one thing that we as humans are so crap at?  Honestly when you look at the tools around us to make our lives as communicators easier and better we really do suck.. We have cell phones, email,  texting, twitter, whats app, facebook, instagram, quick chat, plus thousands of other […]

Food as medicine – how to get the most out of the food we eat

Many of us hear the  phrase “FOOD AS MEDICINE” and think we have to eat healthy, i.e. lots of organic fruit and vegetables not too much red meat and limit sugar. However, food is potentially more powerful than this, especially plant foods as they contain invaluable phytochemicals that aid the body’s innate immune system, helping the cells deal with toxins, inflammation, […]

Look up…

This week has been one of those crazy busy weeks, you know the drill! Running from one thing to the next not breathing properly, or eating or taking your time to enjoy the moment,  just getting through to get things done! So on the weekend I decided to take a nice long walk to defrazzel […]

How about a cuppa….

Isn’t it funny how whenever you are with a family member or friend that is having some bother we turn to tea… ‘Let’s put the kettle on and have a cuppa tea and a chat’, or as my brother say’s ‘put the billy on will ya!’ I actually think that making a cup of tea […]

Antibiotics should I be having them?

The change of season is here, the weather is getting colder, and the flu’s are starting to occur.  Lot’s of people are off to the GP to get a dose of antibiotics to rid themselves of the flu.  So what’s wrong with that? The problem is antibiotics do not work on viruses which most colds […]

The cost of vanity…

This post is more about how harsh we are on ourselves, how much we focus on what we don’t like about ourselves and how often we partake in unsustainable diets to lose a few pounds to only regain it all! It makes me so sad when I hear the chatter around me and it’s all […]

Gratitude is the attitude…..

Wow hoo its summer time! So our feel good factors are starting to kick into gear, our wind down for the end of year endorphins are kicking in and our social outings and interactions a stepping it up a notch and we are starting to feel great! I am feeling the summer buzz! Isn’t it […]