Mooching and reading

Oh my goodness, we are almost at the end of January! Where did that time go? It feels like yesterday where we were seeing in the New Year… So my visions of spending days mooching on the beach have been slightly delayed with this weather that we have been having. But in saying that it’s […]

Communication….why are we so crap at it?

My goodness, why is this the one thing that we as humans are so crap at?  Honestly when you look at the tools around us to make our lives as communicators easier and better we really do suck.. We have cell phones, email,  texting, twitter, whats app, facebook, instagram, quick chat, plus thousands of other […]

Vitalise Health is one year old today!!

Wow what an exciting year we have had, and we are looking forward to a fantastic 2016!  Denise is now fully practicing as a Naturopath, and would love to see you for an appointment either face to face or via Skype.  Please check out our Vitalise Health Naturopathic page for more details.  Maree is in […]

Gratitude is the attitude…..

Wow hoo its summer time! So our feel good factors are starting to kick into gear, our wind down for the end of year endorphins are kicking in and our social outings and interactions a stepping it up a notch and we are starting to feel great! I am feeling the summer buzz! Isn’t it […]

Oh gosh its…Hayfever season!

As much as I love spring, I hate the thought of the dry itching eyes, running nose, consent sniffing and sneezing! Yes it’s that time where pollen is at its peak and if you are like me and suffer as your body’s mast cells go into overdrive releasing histamine and causing all sorts of internal […]