There is so much info out there on food and what to eat and what not to eat and the various diets that it can be a very confusing minefield on what you should eat. I want to keep things simple for you, because if you are anything like me, every now and then you […]

Improving your weight loss

A lot of us start the new year with a diet, however it has been shown time and again that the weight loss from restrictive dieting is rarely permanent & more weight is gained later on. The reason being that you don’t only loose fat but muscle as well, and muscle burns more calories than […]

The Ideal Diet

Spring is here and it is a great time to re-evaluate your dietary needs, now that the weather is warmer and you will be doing more activities. What follows are some guidelines to not only get the energy needed from food but the phytonutrients and minerals that protect us from chronic disease. Eat a variety […]