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I was reading an article and listening to a podcast the other day on trees, and how trees are so much more than stationary and inactive.  This really resonated with me and it got me thinking how we are so often within the confines of our urban city concrete jungles that we forget the beauty of our trees, and how much they give back to our environment.  I personally love escaping the confines of the city and often go into the forest just for the smell, calmness and height of our majestic trees.  I often wonder about how old they are, what environmental changes they have seen and how many birds have danced through their branches.  I love the way wind blows and moves the branches and how the trees often dance to this.  In autumn a favourite thing for me is to crunch on the dry leaves, and to view the magnificent changing of colours.

I also love that trees are consistently giving back to our environment, providing protection and home for 70% of our earths many native creatures, insects, birds and animals, providing food and nectar for our bees, birds and animals.  They hold so many medicinal properties and enrich our soils and environment and not to forget the most important factor they provide oxygen for our planet and assist in cutting down our global pollution levels.

The Song of Trees, by Professor David Haskell is certainly a beautiful book to read.

I hope you also manage to escape the confines of citylife and get out into a forest and sit and just be in the majestic beauty of our trees.

Me xx

Naturopath Maree



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