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The year is almost in full swing with a few long weekends left before it is back to the fast lane. When you are on holiday and relaxed, taking care of yourself is a natural consequence but taking time for you becomes less of a priority as work, family and life commitments take over. However, you can only care for others after you care for yourself, so here are a few ways you can add the gift of self care into your lives daily. As doing little things for yourself daily is more beneficial than a montly massage or girls night (although these should be scheduled in too!).

20 ideas for daily Self-Care

  1. First thing when you wake up think about how awesome the day is going to be, and 3 things you are grateful for (specific to that day)
  2. Go cloud-watching. Lie on your back, relax, and watch the sky, alternatively lie under a large tree and watch the leaves.
  3. Pay complete attention, practice mindfulness, be completely present while brushing your teeth, driving, eating, or performing your morning routine.
  4. Play!  Schedule in five minutes of “play” (non-directed activity) several times throughout your day.
  5. Create a deliberate habit, by doing something the same way everyday—what you wear on Tuesdays, or picking up the dental floss before you brush.
  6. Fix a small annoyance at home that’s been nagging you—a button lost, a drawer that’s stuck, a light bulb that’s gone.
  7. Be selfish. Do one thing today just because it makes you happy.
  8. Do a mini-declutter. Recycle three things from your wardrobe that you don’t love or regularly wear.
  9. Unplug for an hour. Switch everything to airplane mode and free yourself from the constant bings of social media and email.
  10. Get out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just talking to a stranger at the bus stop.
  11. Give your body ten minutes of mindful attention. Use the body scan technique to check in with each part of your body.
  12. Oxygenate by taking three deep breaths as you lie in bed before rising. Breathe into your abdomen, and let the air puff out your stomach and chest.
  13. Dance around the room (naked if you like!) to your favorite record.
  14. Do some kind of physical activity even if it is just taking the stairs at work instead of the lift and shedule 5min every half hour to move and stretch.
  15. Narrow your food choices, plan a few days food diary and rotate,  this creates less stress around deciding what to eat.
  16. Get some sun, even just a few min is enough to lighten your mood and generate warmth inside and out.
  17. Use the uplifting power of smell with essential oils.
  18. Have a good laugh. Read a couple of comic strips that you enjoy or find funny videos on Youtube.
  19. Have a long bath or shower, sit around in your bathrobe, and read magazines.
  20. Take time to sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffe

With a little bit of daily self care you will feel more energy and nothing will seem as overwhelming as it may have in the past.

Have a great long weekend and Happy year of the Rooster!

Naturopath Denise

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