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Wow what an exciting year we have had, and we are looking forward to a fantastic 2016!  Denise is now fully practicing as a Naturopath, and would love to see you for an appointment either face to face or via Skype.  Please check out our Vitalise Health Naturopathic page for more details.  Maree is in her final year at SPCNM and will be seeing people through Paua clinic, she is also taking an extra paper in sports nutrition through Holistic Performance Nutrition.  Our Vitalise health product range is getting stronger and stronger, and you our fantastic readers and supporters are enabling us to continue bringing to you exciting programmes like our Summer cleanse, March it out March and more.

We love informing you with our blog posts, and look forward to interviewing some exciting people this year!

Do you have a health topic you would like us to discuss in our blog? If so feel free to drop us a line.

In the month of February we will be running a blog series on women hormone health problems particularly PCOS so look out for that.

Let’s set good intentions for 2016 and what a way to do it with our Vitality boost summer cleanse programme

Summer cleanseour cleanse programme kicks off on Monday through doing this programme we are providing you the basis for setting up with some healthy eating habits for 2016, as well as the art of mindful eating and much more! Look out for some fantastic summer recipes, yoga postures, positive affirmations and more during this programme. Healing starts on the inside so we figure why not start with what we eat and how we eat! We have made the programme free as we want as many people as possible participating so what are you waiting for??? Register here and why not register a friend as its more fun in numbers!

Keep moving everyone! Don’t forget to shake that booty during these summer days! Sign up for our Vitality Boost Summer Cleanse and let’s charge into 2016 with masses of energy!!

Let’s have some Summer fun!

Look forward to chatting again soon

Me xx

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