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Ok so hands up who has friend’s that have said to you “hey try this it will sort out your chronic illness”, whether that be for pain, for a cold, or for whatever illness you are suffering from. And hands up who has shared with a friend prescription medicine because the meds cured them? And hands up those that have done this with no consideration for what else the person you a giving the med’s to might be taking? Ok I think you will find we are all guilty of this in some form or another as we all want to make a person feel better. But here’s the thing! The only person that knows themselves more than anybody is you! And you need to take responsibility for you! So don’t go putting your health into the hands of a mate because it worked for them, instead take the responsibly for yourself to research what works.

If you have been going to your GP and they prescribe drugs, and those drugs lead to digestive disorders, upset stomach, diarrhoea, so you go back to your GP and they prescribe a different drug but again you experience different symptoms, well it may be time to become your own teacher! My point is not to say that drugs have no purpose but, for people that are suffering from a chronic long term illness that is not getting better and have become fed up to the back teeth with not feeling well, my suggestion is to become your own teacher, empower yourself as no one knows yourself better than you.

Everybody that you seek whether that be a GP or a naturopath or other alternative treatment at the end of the day is here to try and support you in your journey to wellness. But for you, you do need to take responsibility for yourself and become your own teacher by researching, talking to people that suffer the same illness as you, find out what treatments they did, research, read books, articles, but here is the thing… make sure what you are reading is from a quality reliable source. If they reference, then look at the information they are referencing, read these, does it fit, or is it slanted information? Look at all forms of treatments for your condition, go to libraries, by all means discuss with friends but then research what they are suggesting for you. Ask them where they got their information from, and if they would be willing to send you a link so you can do more reading on the topic. And please don’t just go off willy nilly trying what they have said.

These points below I read in a book called ‘Spontaneous healing’1, and it gelled with me as I thought it’s good solid advice that anyone of us can follow, as your journey to wellness needs to be a holistic approach where you are not defined by your illness and can become very knowledgeable on the condition that you have and on what treatments are out there and through discussing this with your health care professional you may just find the perfect holistic support network for you and the illness, or condition that you have.

  1. Don’t take no for an answer: If you have been told by your doctor there is nothing more they can do, or no hope, don’t buy this, it just means that the services they are offering you can’t do anymore for you1. I truly hope that this doesn’t happen to you but if so
  2. Actively search for help: Don’t be put off , become your own teacher, search out possibilities for treatments and cures, follow up leads that you come across, ask questions, read books, articles, write to authors, you will find some professionals don’t like you doing this, but you are your own best teacher! Read, research and learn. build a support network of various treatment providers, research your condition, find out what other treatments there are out there, research this information. You are responsible for your health, not your doctor, make sure whatever it is that you are looking at is from a reputable source and has had successes in treatment1.
  3. Seek out others that have been healed: Speak to people that have your condition, find out what they did, what changes did they make, how did it heal them? Ask to speak to the success patients – find out from them what the experience was, what the treatment involved, become your own expert on the condition that you have1.
  4. Form constructive partnerships with healthcare professionals: What you need around you is people who believe in your ability to heal yourself, someone who empowers you in your search and gives you the feeling of you are not alone. Keep all parties that are involved with your journey to wellness fully informed of the treatments that you are receiving, if you are on suppressive drugs and a taking a herbal formula then please make sure both parties are aware of what you are taking as drugs and herbs can interact if not properly managed as herbs do act on the same pathways as drugs1,2.
  5. Don’t hesitate to make radical lifestyle changes: In your search for healing you will find you will make changes whether that be relationships, diets, jobs, where you live, habits you have. Often these changes are a step towards personal growth. Making change is always difficult, illness often forces you to look at issues, internal conflicts, by looking at and addressing things you have been suppressing is often a step towards your healing1,2,3.
  6. Your illness is an opportunity for personal growth: People that consider their illness as a gift, often consider it the greatest opportunity for personal growth and development, they do not regard their illness as misfortune but rather empower themselves with the knowledge to heal1,2.
  7. Self acceptance: Learn to accept yourself with all of your imperfections, limitations and defects, accept circumstances in your life, often with acceptance does it become possible to move on, by removing your ego, your concepts, and allow your body and your mind to heal1,2.

In terms of advice you are looking at on the internet these tips will help to decipher the good from the bad.


1. Who is the advice coming from?
2. How much formal medical/fitness/health training do they have?
3. Do they currently see patients? Train clients?
4. Have they ever seen patients/clients? How many?
5. Is what they say backed by good reference sources that are validated, a way to confirm this is to check how many times the information has been cited.

Remember empower yourself, the only person responsible for you is you, the only person who knows themselves better than anyone is you. A holistic approach to your health includes emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and environmental factors with the aim of treating the whole person and not just the symptom2, so form partnerships with those that are prepared to listen, and support you in your journey to wellness.

Be well, be happy, and be your own empowered amazing teacher in your journey to wellness. Me xx


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Footnote: Vitalise Health, like and follow a number of reputable sources of information that you are very welcome to view, as a starting point to your own journey to wellness, and of course write to us if you need or want help.

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