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So yesterday was my Birthday!  Yay, I love Birthday’s it’s the one day in the year where you feel super special.  So last night I went out for pizza and wine with a wonderful group of friends, anyways I was reading a lifestyle headline earlier this week and the headline was ‘a note to my 13-year-old self’.  So that got me thinking gosh what would I say now to my 13-year-old self?  So I posed this question to my friends and here are some of their awesome answers.

  1. Everything happens because it has to happen; it’s a lesson of life. We are continuously learning so I would not change a thing.  If you worry there is a reason why you worry, but there is a lesson in this that you must go through.
  2. Lighten up.
  3. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth, everything will be ok.
  4. 13yrs is where you do a lot of growing and learn a lot of things. Men are not so bad and in the worse case scenario, there is always Champagne!
  5. Don’t worry everything works out as it should, no point in worrying so much, remember to always have fun.

Life is rich, it’s amazing how groups of people come together from all over the world that can be an influence in your life.  And when you look back on things that have happened since you were 13 years old  and look at the wonderful people in your life I am sure your journey has turned into something you would never have dreamed of.

So here’s to the future of trusting, not worrying, learning, lessons and drinking champagne!


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