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Hi, last time I chatted I was on day two of the juicing diet, so I have since completed the 10 day juice and soup and heres what I discovered.  The afternoon sugar crash equalised itself out after about 3 days, my bowels were a bit explosive for a few days but they also settled down, I did not  suffer from headaches for lack of caffeine, which I am still doing.  The biggest thing for me and still is, is the diary I love it. Cheese, eggs, and milk you name it and I am there.  So although I have cut out the milky lattes, I am still yet to give away my cheese.  But it’s one of the things that I love.  So my ability to not give it away is indicating to me that yes I have an intolerance going on.  So I have to talk nicely to myself and encourage myself to let it go.  Just let it go, cheese will be there in 10 days time.  Outside of this weakness, the results from the juicing has been waking with more energy, not dragging myself out of bed but actually having energy in the morning that has been the biggest thing I have noticed.  I did not lose truck loads of weight or anything, but I was not expecting to, I wanted to reset my eating habits and get back into the habit of eating lots of fresh green vegetables and I have certainly done that.

On the exercise front, I don’t want to sabotage it – which I usely do when I say I am doing something so here goes…I have joined a gym.  I am not an indoors person, but for me to get moving in the winter it’s the best mid-point.  It’s not a gym with classes, so I have to self guide, so I am doing 15 minutes on the rowing machine, making myself get to 3km in under 15 minutes on the hardest resistance level.  15 minutes on the bike, again making myself get to 6km in less than 15 minutes, or keeping the rpm at 80.  And 15 minutes on the running machine, but I must admit I am not so good on the runing front, so I do a combo of running and speed walking I have not set  a target yet.  And then I do 15 minutes on the different weights. So let’s see.  My goal is to increase my level of fitness and drop some weight.  I am convinced that scales should all be thrown away as I think they induce stress in a person.  So for me if you are making yourself active and can stick at whatever routine then the results will show.  Not straight away but gradually.  I am also making myself stretch only because my knees have been giving me a hard time so I figure I need to stretch and get some flexibility back.  So let’s see.

Oh and on a mindful front for 5 minutes a day I am sitting and smiling at my liver.  And smiling at the positive things in life and for the fact that we have the ability to go to a gym to choose to do stuff to make a positive difference.  So there you go, my next mission is no cheese.

If you would like to join us on a reset Denise is pulling together a fantasic programme to kick off September so let us know if you are keen to join.

Me xx Naturopath Maree

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