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If I am to think back to when I was a teen and having to share a room with my sister, the smell of her spraying hairspray use to send me diving under my bed covers and holding my breath till I turned blue, I hated the smell!
I have fond memories of my nana always applying her lippy and her rouge, but for me I hated putting stuff on my face. My mother use to tell me off for not wearing make up! Over the years I have tried the foundation, lipsticks, mascaras and eyeliners but would always want to wash it off as I hated the feeling of it clogging my skin.
Having come from a background in event management, and also participating in multi sport events, time was limited and my skin was often either to dry or to oily. I struggled to find a skin care range that worked for me, that didn’t cost the earth, required no fuss, didn’t have nasty chemicals in it, and contained high quality natural ingredients that worked.
So through my struggle to find anything that worked for me, I set about on a course of studying herbal medicine, putting a particular focus on what natural ingredients work on skin and why hence Vitalise Health was born.
Our skin care range is developed to aid your skin in repair, our products nourish and hydrate your skin and a full of nutritional ingredients that feed your skin and encourage softness, suppleness and soothe irritation. Each ingredient within our product is active meaning it works externally on your skin as an anti-inflammatory, skin soothing, skin repairing and oil balancing. There are no synthetics or chemicals as why would you put something on your skin that is not natural. Every ingredient is derived from nature, with one objective ‘to feed your skin with pure goodness’. Please do have a look at our skin care ingredient glossary to see the range of nutrients and antioxidants that are within our skin care range.

We are obsessed with blending the most exceptional natural ingredients, that nourish your body and your mind. Each of our products is innovatively crafted to deliver powerful nourishment your skin needs, and nothing it doesn’t. The active ingredient within our products is something we’re absolutely passionate about and committed to.

And lastly thank you so much for your wonderful feedback on our products, it is through your feed back and repeat custom that we have been able to develop more products. We love receiving your feedback and encourage you to drop us a note, and if you haven’t tried us we would love for you to try our products. We do offer sample packs for $10 plus postage.

Thank you!

Me xx

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