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Oh my gosh so I am thinking we are definitely within the depth of winter with so many people feeling the chills of colds, flu’s, viruses, bacteria’s and all of those other winter nasty’s. I am certain all of my friends have the bugs at the moment. So this blog is just a quick one with some helpful hints from me.

  1. When you have a cold or a flu, the whole idea is to slow down, listen to your body you can’t keep running around at your normal pace and expect everything to be ok. The reality is your body needs a break it needs time to rest. Please take the time to rest and allow whatever is passing through your system to pass through, help yourself by the following simple tips.
  2. Eat warm foods – Winter is a time where you need to feed your soul with warmth, so please stock up on those beautiful hearty winter soups, vege brooth’s, root vege’s and hearty stews.
  3. Increase your intake of garlic, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, chilli’s and all of those beautiful warming herbs. They are full of antimicrobial properties that stimulate and aid your immune system and increase your circulation.
  4. Apple cider vinegar, or lemon in warm water in the morning – helps your digestion and so much more.
  5. Reduce your intake of diary – especially if you’re all full of a cold. Diary causes more congestion and more mucus and can slow down your lymphatics from draining.
  6. Slow down, I know I have said this already but if you are feeling a little bit fluey, please don’t go out on a massive run or have a massive session in the gym, basically your immune system is trying to fight whatever it is that you have caught so going to the gym or on a massive run with a compromised immune system is actually doing yourself more harm than good.
  7. Walk – Slowing down is not stopping – instead of pushing yourself wrap up in your winter willy’s and go outside for a walk – 20 minutes is great to get your circulation going and getting rid of stagnant air.
  8. Breathe – those beautiful big belly breaths are so good for you! They aid with your relaxation, assist with reducing stress and so much more.


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Below is a lovely article I have just read. It’s full of fantastic ideas for decongesting your lymphatics.

Stay warm, stay dry, and stay happy my friends! Embrace this time of the year and keep healthy! Me xx

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